• University of Oxford Botanic Garden
  • Aidan Meller Galleries
  • The Old Fire Station
  • O3 Gallery
  • Sanders of Oxford
  • The Jam Factory
  • The Oxfordshire Museum
  • The Ashmolean Museum
  • Museum of Oxford
  • Lady Margaret Hall
  • Rod Craig
  • Sarah Wiseman Gallery

~ a welcome from oxford city walk ...

Welcome to the new Oxford Showcase ...

Oxford City Walk, as your guide, is delighted to offer you the following Showcases: in which you will find our selection of some of the very best of Oxford: places we are confident to recommend as additions to your itinerary during your visit to Oxford.

Showcases are listed in the drop-down menu at the top-left of this page, under "Oxford Showcase Menus".

This world-renowned city is rightly admired for its pleasing, honey-coloured architecture, its world class museums and art galleries, music and entertainment venues, its intellectual prowess and its eccentric idiosyncratic ways; bounded by two serpentine rivers and framed within the gently undulating Oxfordshire landscape.

This is indeed reason enough for visiting the city of Oxford and its environs ...

However, this multi-layered, complex and exciting place is not simply preserved in aspic, but continues to evolve, to inspire and to create. You might consider exploring Oxford's remarkable and sometimes hidden treasures a little further ...

As your guide, we are delighted to offer you some small taste, which we hope will inspire you to linger further in this most sublime of English cities.

So, whether you are planning to visit and are looking for justification to remain for more than a few hours, or whether you are reminding yourself of a past trip, or if you are visiting us across cyberspace ... stay awhile!

Spend some time browsing the images and reading the text and see for yourself: that alongside the reassuringly unchanging are new and exciting discoveries to be made among some of the cream of Oxford and Oxfordshire's creative and artisan communities, both past and present ...




Find the Showcase Sites on a Map:

Follow the link HERE to view a Google map where Showcase participants are marked with blue arrows.

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